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Go Doc Go, Inc. is a non-governmental, international medical organization that sends volunteer providers around the world to establish sustainable Women’s health programs.

Our Work

We are currently active in Haiti, Senegal and Ethiopia. Please click on the country you would like to learn about.

Go Doc GoOne of the first women screened during our training session had traveled from almost 400 miles away. At 45 it was unlikely that she would ever have this opportunity again. On exam she was found to have a small area that looked like early precancerous changes. The next day she returned and was the first woman in Gondar to receive cryotherapy on her cervix. Had she not been screened by our team it is likely she would have developed cervical cancer within the next 5-10 years at which point it would be too late for treatment.”Working in Ethiopia to help establish a screening program for cervical cancer was, without a doubt, one of the most gratifying things I have done in my career.”
– Ingrid Frengle-Burke, FNP, Volunteer