About Us


Go Doc Go, Inc. is a non-governmental, international medical organization that sends volunteer physicians around the world to establish sustainable Women’s health programs.

Go Doc Go, Inc. is a unique not for profit. Currently there are no outlets for physicians who want to volunteer on a short-term basis of 2-8 weeks. Our organization will be a leader in funding short-term, sustainable plans for improving health worldwide.


The vision and values of Go Doc Go are to:

  • provide needed medical care to women in low-resource countries
  • connect experienced providers with health care workers to share their knowledge
  • provide needed medical equipment to our established programs
  • educate providers using recognized and evidence-based methods
  • connect health care workers with patients in need
  • establish sustainable programs that will carry on independently in the future
  • network with existing NGO’s and governmental health organizations to maximize impact
  • be recognized as a leader in providing innovative health care solutions worldwide
  • to establish a network of donors and supports to provide funding for the organization to move forward

If you have any questions, please contact: maggienightmed@gmail.com.